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Looking for parking options for your visit? See below for parking options.

Validation Instructions:

Monday-Friday (11AM-5PM) Management Office (Level 3 Next to Industrious)
After Hours Call (215) 925-4735 

The garages participating in the FDP validation program are independently owned and 
validation program may be altered or eliminated at any time, and the garage may refuse to honor validations that are believed to be fraudulent. 

11th and Filbert: Operated by Sp+ and open 24 hours, park on the 4th level for easy access to mall, Round 1 and AMC. Call 215-568-4025 for more information. 

Customer Validation Program: 

  • Enter between 9am - 6pm: up to 6 hours of parking for a flat rate of $12.
    •  Customers exceeding the 4 hour limit will be charged the validation 
      rate plus the posted hourly rate for any additional time.
  • Enter between 6pm and exit by 6am the next day for the flat rate of $12. 
    • Customer's staying beyond 6AM will be charged the posted 24 hour rate.

Employee Validation Program: 

  • Up to 10 hours of parking for a $12 flat rate. 
    • 1 Employees of Fashion District shops and restaurants staying 
      beyond the 10 hour validation period will be charged the posted 
      validation rate, plus the hourly rate for any additional time.
  • Shops may request validation stickers for employees who normally drive 
    to work and work over 6 hours a day. No more than 24 validation passes will be issued per employee per month. To request parking validations for employees, managers must submit the names of each employee and the number of validations requested. All requests must be delivered to the Management Office by the 20th of each month. The parking garage attendees may request proof of employment from anyone with an employee validation pass. Any fraud may result in your store being ineligible to participate in the employee parking validation program. 


8th and Filbert, Parkade Garage: Operated by Philadelphia Parking Authority Open daily 6AM to Midnight. 24 hours/7 days a week Call 215-683-9800 for more information. 

Customer Validation Program: 

  • Up to 3 hours parking for a flat rate of $9.
    • Customer's exceeding the 3 hour limit will be charged at the posted 
      rates. Parking is not discounted for vehicles exceeding the 3 hour validation period.